Plant Love

Botanischer Garten Berlin Plant-Love

Lately, I’ve been rather obsessed with plants (those of you following me on Instagram can probably already tell) – they make me super-happy! So, since this blog is all about positivity and life hacks to improve your life’s quality, I thought I’d like to figure out where this happiness comes from and how we could all profit from it. Let’s get started, shall we?

Plants are life. And that’s true in so many ways! Of course, the most obvious reason we need plants is that they provide us with the necessary oxygen to live. Having plants in your room, apartment, house or also office makes already sense due to this simple fact – Plants take up the carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air and transform it into precious oxygen (O2), which will then be released into the air you’re breathing. We’ve already talked about the importance of getting some fresh air during the day in a previous post. So, having plants around you is another way of making sure you’re providing yourself with fresh air.

Another aspect of having plants is the care and attention they need. Of course, the amount of time and attention that needs to be invested varies greatly depending on the plant and the obsession. So, just in case you wouldn’t consider yourself to have a green thumb (me, not too long ago actually) – that’s still no reason not to have a bit of green surrounding you. There are plenty of hard-to-kill or easy-to-look-after plants – just inform yourself a little and I’m sure you’ll find the plant that fits your lifestyle. I used to be very bad with plants so, I definitely feel you if you are struggling to keep those babies alive.

For plant lovers who do have (kind of) a green thumb there is, of course, another very significant aspect coming into play: Fun! Nowadays, I love to fondle my plants – pick off some dry or old leaves, check the soil and foliage, re-pot the ones in need and care for seedlings. It simply makes me happy to put my hands into the soil, get all dirty or even look like an old granny checking out her geranium on the balcony. Seeing the energy running through the tiny sprouts, leaves, buds, twigs or flowers is just awesome. My only problem is: My impatience. Sometimes I wish they grew faster! But hey, that’s what they call practicing a skill, right?

Last but not least – plants make every room look better. They make it look more alive and fresh and sometimes they’re the desperately needed pop of colour in an office (for example). And they come in so many, sizes, shapes, colours and forms! You can really play around a little. Regarding the pots themselves, there’s a huge spectrum to choose from as well – you can find everything from simple and sleek pots to handcrafted masterpieces. So, if you’re into decorating and interior design – feel free to run wild!

I hope you got a little impression of why plants could significantly improve your life and don’t hesitate to just give it a shot! Let me know if you’d like to hear more about plant things or caring tips. Happy to hear from you!



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