Quote Series: If Nothing Changes

“Nothing changes, if nothing changes“  (by somebody smart)

The meaning of this sentence seems obvious – but do you really understand it? I’ve only just come across this one today and honestly, I first thought that was an unnecessary and pseudo-intellectual space filler in my Instagram feed. But for some reason it got stuck in my head – and the longer I thought about it, the more of it’s obvious but so powerful message came to the surface:

We all know it because we learn it from a very young age: If we want to do or have something, we need to go and get it. Whether we’d always succeed or not doesn’t really matter here – what matters is, that we learn to take action in order to change a small bit about the world and what it looks like. The easiest quotation in the world. Nothing will change, if we don’t change the setting or situation.

But why is it then, that the older we become – we tend to feel like we’re caught up in this stream called life. A stream that would carry us along into a direction we can’t really choose. That’s not meant to sound pessimistic or anything (it can feel safe and comfortable too), but by living this way and having life just happening to us – we’re missing out on so much. Because there are so, so many other and new opportunities presented to us every single day! Sometimes we can’t see them right away (some digging might be required), but they are there. And every single one of them provides the chance and possibility to change our life to some extent. Most of those things might be tiny or seem meaningless at first – but as we all know (since some basic math was another thing we learnt when we were kids) – adding lots of small things results in a big thing. And this big thing might be the change you secretly (or obviously) desire.

If you’re very happy with your life already – you probably don’t want to change most of it – but some small adjustments will probably still add some value even to your life. Spice things up a little! Keep life interesting!

And if you’re part of the by far larger group of people who is rather discontented (to whatever extent this might be) with the life they are currently living – you should definitely start shifting things. I would probably put myself into this group as well – I’m very happy with some things in my life but there are so many others that actually – when being brutally honest with myself – don’t really represent the life I want to be living. It’s sometimes hard to admit. But understanding that it’s a fact, is essential and the start to change. And there we go – what has come next so many times in my life before was this: “But I don’t have time thinking it through or doing anything about it now – I’ll do it later” – yep, sounds familiar, right? But let me tell you something: Later never comes. And spending your life waiting for things to change by themselves is simply a waste of time. If you feel like you need to change something – just do it! Today is as perfect for change as any other day to come. And you don’t need to change your whole life overnight. But start somewhere – take it step by step. And keep going. Realise that every little thing you do differently today or tomorrow is – change. It’s that simple. You can do it. I can do it. Everybody who wants to, can do it.

With that being said, I don’t want to take up any more of your precious time (thanks for reading!) but let you go and make life happen. Let me know about your progress and what kind of small things you have managed to change!



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