We are all far too afraid to fail. We are very hesitant to brave the world and give exciting but challenging ideas a shot – that is because we’re afraid what might happen if we failed. But saying that out loud (figuratively speaking), it becomes obvious how restricting this way of thinking is: If we back off from all uncertainties and challenges in life only because they might be trickier than we thought, we won’t get anywhere. And ultimately, we’ll be very unhappy with our lives and ourselves. Because what feels better than the feeling of success and being proud of your achievements? If we don’t even try to give ourselves a chance to get there, consequently, we will never get there. Of course, learning how to be truly proud of yourselves is a whole different chapter, but having the guts to try out new things – and yes, accepting the chance of failing at it – is the only way to grow.

Growth is fundamental for happiness. Being stuck in the same daily routine, same habits, same perceptions and same way of thinking leads to boredom and ultimately to discontentment and unhappiness. None of which we want to experience too often. But growth on the other hand, gives us the possibility to challenge ourselves, to broaden our horizons and to shape our own life. And failure is an essential part of growth. Most of the time, we are made to choose from several options in life – and only by identifying the most significant ones (including the ones that will not work out), we get the chance to find the best one – by comparison. And the best is the one we want to go for, right? We want to grow and become even better versions of ourselves.


So, failure isn’t the end of the world but rather one step closer to your goal. Growing is a journey and as ironic as it sounds, but failure is the driving force! Therefore, try to embrace failure instead of fearing it – combat this fear by changing your perception on failure and make it a good thing. I’m not saying it’ll feel good at the very moment you get rejected or fail at doing something (I’ve been there so often) – but just pick yourself up again, take a deep breath, ask yourself why (very important!) and learn from it. This will then help you to turn into the right direction. And once you’re on the right path again, you will feel much better. First, because it’s the “happy” path and secondly because you fought your way through the tough task and that makes you stronger. And once you’re free of your anxiety… What is left? The horrible feeling about it vanishes into thin air and you can reap the fruit of your labour. Sounds like a fair deal, doesn’t it? Once you succeed to overcome this fear it’ll make life so much easier (because there is nothing standing in your way anymore) and you can profit so much from it!

The act of failing teaches you many valuable lessons for life. And it’s humbling – it keeps you down to earth.

And I wish so much, that we would dare more often and spend more time growing than listening to people telling us what we cannot do (how could they even know?). So, let me know your stories and what you would like to achieve once you manage to overcome your anxiety. And then, of course, go for it guys! I love to hear about your inspiring journeys.



Photos taken by my brother (in Berlin)

One thought on “Failure

  1. What helps me most after failures just keep piling on and I keep losing my faith in myself is bring myself up with a big win – or lots of small ones.

    Go for a jog, tidy up your room, cook yourself something amazing, tell a friend you love them (I love you!), draw something, play a music instrument, sing to yourself, help out someone. Make yourself remember the win that day, not just the failures. Write down what you’ve won that day. Even if it’s just a “Got out of bed.” You will have more than you think.

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